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BackFire Stations' original video series, "Down at the Station" is meant to explore the passions, adventures, and stories of all things moto. Scroll down to see our latest episodes.

Check Out the latest episode

Check out our latest episode!

Episode 11: Adventure Riding in Eastern Oregon! 

Eastern Oregon is a great spot for riders and moto enthusiasts alike. Whether you're looking for a smooth ride or some bumpy rolling hills this landscape has you covered. The Blue Mountains make for a great ride and are just 30 minutes away from BackFire Station.

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Previous Episodes

Episode 10: Custom Harley Scrambler by Little Horse Cycles

When you cant buy it, BUILD IT! In today's episode of Down at the Station we sit down with the owner of a custom Harley Davidson Street Scrambler, Richard Skyba. This custom was built by Little Horse Cycles in Oregon and is ready for the off roads.

Episode 9: BackFire's 1947 Indian Scout

We get out of the Station and visit with co-owner of New York Clothier, Kevin Stewart. Kevin, recently displayed our 1947 Indian in his showroom. The bike is a perfect show piece for the New York Clothiers because their shirts are made right here in America, just like the Indian Scout!

Episode 8: The Story Of Sweet Bud

This cool bike was featured on the December 1995 cover of Biker Magazine. Built-in California, this custom bike is registered as 1950, but when people ask what year it is the builder would say all of them as it has parts from many different years!

Episode 7: BackFire Station Adventures

As the adventure hub of the Northwest, BackFire Station events showcase the diverse geography and beautiful on and off-road riding available here. And we inject our events with a big dose of fun and good times for maximum memories

Episode 6: A Love For Motocross

Motocross is a fun and exciting sport that brings people together unlike any other sport. The camaraderie and passion are unmatched and battling with your friends on the track is such a rush! “When you are riding with your friends you create a lifelong bond through the grit and guts of racing and that's a lifelong thing.” - Dustin 

Episode 5: Experiences You'll Never Forget

Over the years we’ve come to realize that the best adventures are the ones that lead to the unexpected. Whether it’s dramatic scenery, interesting characters met along the way, or even extremely challenging terrain or weather. This is when great memories are forged! At BackFire Station we strive to push ADV riders to #exploremore by providing unique experiences creating the ultimate adventure in Eastern Oregon and beyond!

Episode 4: From Street To Dirt And Close Calls In Nevada

You all know the saying, once you go dirt you can't go back? Well in today's episode, Steve Curtis talks us through why he loves riding the back roads and trails of the northwest and shares some of his adventures in Gold Point Nevada with Stormin Norm!

Episode 3: One Bike Isn't Enough 

These two riders enjoy a selection of bikes for sport, adventure, and dual sport riding! 👀Watch now to hear about some of their favorite Eastern Oregon riding locations!

Episode 2: Meet Norm

Meet Norm Linnebur, better know as "Stormin Norman", BackFires awesome bartender who can ride like the wind, and serve you beers until the day's end.

Episode 1: The Vision

This is the first episode of our video series, "Down at the Station." In this video, we are discussing the founders vision for the BackFire Station Moto Lounge, Lodging, Adventure Bike rentals and service in the remodeled old Pendleton Fire station. We've been receiving a lot of questions about the Station so hopefully, this video helps answer some.

More VIdeos are coming soon.


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