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moto adventure hub of the pacific northwest

BackFire Station 911 SW Court Ave

Our Normal hours:
Thursday 11-9
Friday 11-10
Saturday 9-10
Sunday 9-9
(Closed Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays)

Come and visit us, enjoy our simple and fun menu including a full bar. The lounge is set up with spacious dining and relaxed seating in front of our 16’ bigscreen where we stream all your favorite moto-content and sports.

You have to see it to believe it! 
So here's a short video tour for your viewing pleasure.  

Relax in the Infernal Combustion Lounge

The best Bloody's in town, if we do say so ourselves! Full bar, craft cocktails, and great beer and wine selections...and lots of fun moto stories and local lore!

Come and visit us, and enjoy our fun, creative menu, and ever-changing food and drink specials. The lounge is set up with spacious dining and relaxed seating in front of our 16’ big-ish screen where we stream all your favorite moto content...and the occasional "one-ball sport" when we have to.

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upcoming events

eXplore the Blues

Join us in July, 2024 for our 3rd annual eXplore the Blues Adventure motorcycle ride during this year’s Pendleton Run event. (It is not just for cruisers after all!)

We will be hosting x2 150 mile routes on mixed surfaces of pavement, gravel and dirt both offering more technical off-road options. Rides will be roughly 4 hours in duration with lunch options at Meacham Cafe or Ukiah Thicket depending on the route you choose.

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A place for riders by riders

We want to provide a home base for the wayward adventurer with simple, yet comfortable accommodations. A place where you can grab a cold beverage or tasty meal to fuel up or drop a pin and stay the night. If you are traveling and need a place to pause and do a repair or (coming soon) rent a bike, we’ve got that too.

This region of the country offers some incredible backcountry scenic riding both on and off the pavement. Make BackFire Station a waypoint on your trip and let our crew your guide.  

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Construction is complete! The Infernal Combustion Lounge is open Thurs-Mon. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on our progress. We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Place For All Your Moto Adventure Needs

BackFire Station is a place of passion. The Infernal Combustion Lounge is the perfect spot for adventurers to swap stories and enjoy tasty drinks, delicious food, or bike rentals! We also provide service, repairs and installation - all with an indelible love for adventure riding.

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