refuel at BackFire Station!

Join us Thursdays through Sundays. We've got all the fuel and lubricants you need to keep your engine running strong!


It's A Great Spot To Swap Stories, Relax, And Fuel Up Your Engine!

You can't go wrong with a meal from the grill and an on tap brew. The Lounge is great for relaxing. It provides soft leather seats for viewing your favorite moto videos. The bike wall is one of a kind and makes for perfect photo ops! Altogether, the Infernal Combustion Lounge is a fun place to hang out when you're in Pendleton.

bar & grill lounge

Outdoor Dining

Our outdoor dining area offers plenty of seating, shade, and fresh air. We also have corn hole for our competitive guests, and front row motorcycle parking.


Featured Foods

Ultimate Dog


Trail Tacos

Roadside Dinner Salad

Smoked Jalapeño Poppers 

Featured Drinks

Local beers on tap

Oregon wines

Craft cocktail menu

Aperitifs, digestifs & liquors

Best bloodys in town



Parade Lap

Knobbies - A big platter of sausage bites, cheddar & monterey jack cheesechunks & pretzel bites + Sweet-hot mustard, this has become a fan favorite       

Spark plugs - 5 homemade, cream cheese stuffed jalapeño peppers, wrapped in bacon-y goodness, smoked for hours + side of ranch    

Spam-A-Lot - Back by popular demand!...Skewers of pan fried Spam, pineapple & candied jalapeños + teriyaki sauce + Sriracha sauce      

Green Flag

Roadside Diner Side Salad - The classic Iceberg, black olives, pickled beets, shredded cheese, sunflower seeds + Dressing of your choice (All the standards)      

The Baja 1000 - Iceberg, grilled chicken, sauteed onions & peppers, black olives, avocado, corn-       
jalapeño stuff, shredded cheese + Side of salsa & chips   

The Baja 500 - Yep, you guessed it, a smaller version of the above salad + side of salsa & chips    

Main Event

Ultimate Dog - Sausage on a grilled bun with kraut, onions, peppers and melted cheddar cheese + Side of red potato salad or cold slaw (what Norm calls coleslaw)      

Merica' Dog - Good ole fashion, super simple American style  hot dog on a Pioneer Bun + Side of red potato salad or cold slaw      

B.L.T - Bacon, lettuce and fresh sliced tomatoes on toasted white bread with probably too much mayo + Side of red potato salad or cold slaw     

B.L.A.T.O - The above, but with all the farkles: Add sliced onions, avocado and bacon jam + Side of red potato salad or cold slaw      

Trail Taco #1 - 3 grilled flour (or corn) tacos with carne asada beef, melted cheese, corn-jalapeño stuff, green onions, topped with lime-chile sauce + side of salsa & chips      

Trail Taco #2 - 3 grilled flour (or corn) tacos with pork belly, pico apple pineapple salsa, avocado, green onions, cotijita cheese & sweet Hawaiian sauce + side of salsa & chips      

Good Tread Flatbread - Grilled chicken with bacon jam base, roasted red and yellow tomatoes, caramelized onions and 5 cheese blend - Choose between regular or GF sweet potato crust     

Wagyu Burgers - An amazing 1/3 pound Wagyu beef patty on a classic bun...yum! 

- The Tom Burger - Your super basic burger with melted white cheddar, just like Tom and most 5 year olds like it      

- The Guzzi Burger - Red wine sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, garlic aioli, melted white cheddar, leafy greens      

- The Champion Burger - Our house-made, smoked jalapeño poppers adorn this awesome burger, complete with ranch and iceberg lettuce


On Tap examples

Prodigal Son Beer Named Sue      

Prodigal Son Ella IPA      

Prodigal Sun - Huckleberry Wheat      

Pelican Sea'N Red      

10 Barrel Hazy IPA      

Quilters Irish Death      

Michelob Ultra      

Blue Mountain CIder      

Bottles & Cans

Stella Artois      

Mango Cart Wheat     

10 Barrel Pub Beer      

Budweiser & Bud Light (tall)    

Corona & Victoria     

St.Pauli N/A      

Redbridge GF   .  

Busch Dog Brew - Yep, Beer for your Dog      


White Wine:

Selection from Elk Cove Winery, Gaston, Or    

Red Wine:

Selection from Sno-Road in Echo, Or     

Selection from Cerebella in Pendleton     

Bubbly Things:

Glass of bubbles     

Mimosa (Orange or Pineapple)     

Other Stuff

Cocktails (the classics and a little R&D!)

Red Beer Standard (w/Ultra)      

Red Ey Clamato(w/Ultra)      


Hard Seltzers     

See bar, cocktail list and cooler for other cool stuff


Stuff We Should Really Be Drinking More Of

Soda (Free Refills)      

Iced Tea Or Lemonade (Or Both)      

Fire Tonic (Just ask!)     

Ginger Beer     

Red Bull Energy Drink      


Drink Menu

Buoy IPA

Clear amber with a nice biggish head and lots of carbonation. Pine, bread crust, grapefruit marmalade, lemon zest.

Buoy Pilsner

A classic pilsner.Crisp clean flavor with great finish. 

Widmer Hefe

It's bold with clean flavor and pronounced citrus and floral aromas. 

Iron Horse Irish Death

dark ale with hints of chocolate, which we lovingly refer to as beer candy. 

Michelob Ultra

A smooth, refreshing beer with a nutty spice.

Prodigal Son Huckleberry Wheat

Seasonal fruit ale that uses white wheat, vienna, and wild huckleberries 

Jones of Washington Chardonnay

Coming from a warm site in a warm vintage, this wine offers aromas of butter and baked apple. The palate yields lightly creamy flavors. 

Jaume Serra Cristalino Wine

It's fresh with a toasty nose, beautiful citrus, green apple and mineral flavors, supple, lively mouth-feel, and clean, crisp finish

Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon

Aromatics of mocha, roasted blue fruits, plums, and cherry spice.

Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel

Good body, with a touch of sweetness and not too much acid. Flavors of red fruit and white pepper.

The Infernal Combustion Lounge

Come on down and share your favorite riding stories while enjoying an ice cold drink and a bite to eat, as bench racing is always in session at the Lounge! You never know what might be happening, could be racing on the 190 " big screen, a local character telling riding stories on open mike night, a livestream concert or a group of riders BS'ing about the day's adventure!